The Land of The Lost King – CHAPTER 1

CHAPTER 1 15 years later, after the dividing of Draak, lives a mischievous boy who always causes nothing but trouble in a village located at the eastern border of General Xolouz or otherwise known at the time as Lord Xolouz's territory. “Oii, get back here you little runt!” says a bearded man whose wallet was... Continue Reading →

Fill Me With Hope

Fill me with hope just fill me with hope Seep into my heart and fill me with hope Drag away the curtains and open the door Turn night into light and cold into warmth Knees on the floor with arms by my side Had a strange feeling that you would pass by A gentle voice,... Continue Reading →

Silver Rain – Prologue

Prologue Occasionally, the lines between above and below blurred. Occasionally, the shape of angel and demon merged. And occasionally, heaven and hell became one and the same. Not always. But occasionally. Like now.   💀 : “Eldest son of Lucifer. Bane of the Light, Keeper of Darkness, Wisp of a Shadow. I have a task... Continue Reading →

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