“An Event Worth Paying For” – The Moonshot Proved a Worthy Meal for the Hungry Mind

by Siti Khairah, Petroleum Engineering, 1st Year 1st Sem
and Uzma Zulaikha, Foundation 1st Sem

September 9, 2017 – Seri Iskandar – Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS’s (UTP) annual inspirational event was on the go again! TEDxUTP was held successfully at the Multipurpose Hall located at Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL) on the 9th of September 2017.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-17 at 01.07.37

This year’s TED talk managed to amass an impressive 360 people in CETaL’s hall, and featured 15 talented speakers, each of whom shared their experience, ideas and aspirations around the theme, which was the ‘The Moonshot’. This theme was defined as the combination of a huge problem, a radical solution and the breakthrough of technology that just might make those solutions possible.

The event was graced with the presence of UTP’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Associate Professor Dr. Nor Hisham Hamid who delivered the opening speech followed by our distinguished guest of honour, Perak’s Chief Minister Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir who officiated the event with his dynamic energy and amazing voice projection.

The masters of the ceremony were Saadh Singh aka the Indian Jesus, a student from Taylors University and Afaf, a beautiful lady from UTP. The conference was divided into three sessions with each session having a specific topic of its own: ‘Human Response’, ‘The Tales of Tomorrow’ and ‘It’s Personal’ respectively. The speakers for each session were tailored based on recommendations and online search throughout the year, then narrowed down by a meticulous filtration process.

The audience was entertained by awesome TEDx videos along the course of the conference, some of which were about special human beings and rainbows of love. Isn’t it rare to be entertained with poetry? Arisha Akhir, a professional poetry teacher and storyteller shocked everyone with her charismatic pieces such as “Anak Seni”, “Malaysia” and a poem about herself.

We were also served with lunch and tea break. Speaking of the food, they were all really mouth-watering! Then there came Red Bull girls giving us each a free can of Red Bull after lunch. The audience was also delighted with a feast for the eyes as Ainul Afifi Zafirah binti Mazlan (fondly known as Fifi) delivered a graceful gymnastic performance.


After the closing ceremony, we managed to interview some participants to know their thoughts about this event. Luke, Jeff and Zhen went all the way from Kedah and ‘went dutch’ to attend The Moonshot. “Mind opening, cool and worth it! We have been to TEDx before and since then we know this event is one of the things you have to sacrifice your time and money for. I can assure you we definitely will come again next year!” said Jeff. Naim Zafran, a first-year-second-semester mechanical engineering student, cheekily said that “this event is better than what he expected from last year because the main factor is the venue itself. Today’s TEDx looked and felt like what TEDx should be when they organized it at Multipurpose Hall. The food is great!”

“Our main objectives in organizing this wonderful event are to get and ignite great ideas from UTP students to make the world a better place by turning impossible ideas into possible solutions”, said Yasser Nazir, the curator of TEDxUTP. Yasser felt thankful that the event was a smooth sail despite having had a hard time to recruit more manpower as most of the students were either off-campus or were in the midst of their final examinations.

Apart from being able to attend the awe-inspiring conference, participants also enjoyed goody bags and a 15% discount voucher for a ZEN room hotel. Not to forget the attention to detail; the TEDx team did the hall an amazing job by using dim lighting to create a perplexing optical illusion of the cosmic world.


Thinking of becoming a TEDxUTP enthusiast? Want to be part of this team but can’t seem to figure it out? Ready to challenge yourself to speak for TEDx? Interested to become a sponsor? Yes and yes, these are possible by following or contacting them through their social media:

  1. Facebook – TEDxUTP@TEDxUTP.universities.technology.PETRONAS (It has 100% response rate guys!)
  2. Official website – tedxutp.com
  3. Twitter – http://twitter.com/tedxutp/
  4. Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tedxutp/
  5. Youtube – TEDx UTP

“Definitely we will hold another similar event next year. In fact this is an annual event because we want to give UTP students as much exposure as possible on what is currently going on. The world is moving very fast yet students still focuses on general/mainstream events that related to what course they areonly and they are not familiar with lots of things that actually can change the world into a better place.”

 –Yasser Karimo


The tickets were sold via online and offline for price of RM 63.59 for Regular, RM 53.00 for Early Birds and RM 42.00 for UTP students.

List of collaborating partners:

  1. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
  2. Yayasan Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  3. Pangkor Dialogue
  4. Malaysian Youth Community
  5. Unilever
  6. Malaysian Global Innovation And Creativity Center (MaGIC)
  7. Perak Festival Of Ideas 2017
  8. Red Bull
  9. Institut Darul Ridzuan
  10. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

List of speakers:

  1. Zaim Mohzani – Founder of Nation Building School
  2. Aziph Mustapha – Ex-CEO of the Malaysian Innovation Foundation
  3. Lu Xanne, Boon – Empowerment Coach, Founder of Power-wording, Mindvalley Internal Coach
  4. Rajesh Nair – Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the Asia School of    Business
  5. Mohd Sirhajwan Idek – Top 50 – Global Teacher Prize
  6. Rene Bernard – CEO/Co-Founder of LuxTag.io
  7.  Datuk Dr Anis Yusal Yusoff – President of Institut Integriti Malaysia
  8. Jerryson Doss – Viva StarFish Project CEO, helping the homeless for a better life
  9. Chris Lau – Freelance Journalist that reported occurrences in the Middle East
  10. Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan – Scientist and Biotechnologist
  11. Jeff McDonald – CTO at LuxTag
  12. Gautam Khetrapal – Head of Product Marketing at Mindvalley, Founder at LifePlugin.com
  13. David Amuthesan – Drones Expert, Co-Founder at Dronology
  14. Aleu Majok – UTP Student, Researcher, and Inventor
  15. Dr Hartini Zainudin – Child’s rights activist

Session One (The Human Response)

Speaker Overview
Jerryson Doss Beat your “BEAST”
Gautam Khetrapal Find your passion and seek your tribe
Zaim Mohzani Unleashing youth power
Lu Xanne Boon The Impacts of words to our Brain

Session Two (The Tales of Tomorrow)

Speaker Overview
Aziph Mustapha Countryside innovations
David Amuthesan Dronology
Rene F. Benard & Jeff McDonald Inventing new ‘certificate’ of authenticity – The Block Chain
Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan Science communication
Aleu Majok A universal writing system for all – The Nile script

Session Three (It’s Personal)

Speaker Overview
Dr. Hartini Zainudin The struggles and future of stateless child
Rajesh Nair Making inventors into entrepreneurs
Mohd Sirhajwan Idek Bringing the best of himself to inspire his students
Datuk Dr Anis Yusal Yusoff Integrity and honesty
Chris Lau Backpacking and seeking reality of life in middle east (war zone)

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