Introduction to UTP Go Green Movement

As we can see on campus today, one of the most active clubs is the Go Green Movement Club, or often known simply as GGM. Luckily for us, we managed to snatch an interview during Co-Curriculum Day with Miss Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa, the Vice President for GGM’s Internal and External Relations. She very kindly introduced us to GGM and answered some of our questions.

According to her, GGM has been in UTP for a long time. However, it was re-established last year as a Student Interest Group, and the president at that time was Miss Nor Amira. After their active involvement in both internal and external projects, they managed to score themselves a place among the list of UTP clubs this year.

Currently, Mr Moviin presides over all club activities. For a fledgling club their roster of members is impressive, reaching 63 without even including those off semester. Organizing events is a regular thing for UTP GGM, and they have the help and support of three advisors.

Their main activity for the moment is the Bicycle Awareness Campaign, which was suggested by UTP to the club. This campaign will undergo 3 phases; implementation, infrastructure and neighbourhood. They are almost at the end of phase one, which includes informing the varsity community of this campaign, as well as the implementation of said campaign on campus. One is hard-pressed not to notice the bicycle racks and signs lining the entrance to Pocket D. In the near future, they will move to phase two that involves execution of their other campaign activities.

To implement something wholly new in a large community is definitely not easy, but the persevered and kept their eyes on the goal. The support of others was crucial along the way, and UTP GGM would like to thank SSSD, their advisors and a few other individuals. According to Miss Gurpreet, “In terms of challenge, everything you do is a challenge. It only matters how you execute your plans based on your main objective.”

Speaking of execution, they executed part of their plan a few days ago, called “Campus Attack”. The club went on a campus tour and confiscated bicycles without bicycle stickers. Although some might call it harsh, it was a necessary action to ensure that all owners took care of their bicycles and did not abandon them simply anywhere. Old bicycles were also removed to give space to new ones.

As Miss Gurpreet said, GGM will one day take itself onto a whole new stage. It is part of a global movement and remains fully committed to its vision of sustaining the environment for a brighter future.


by Aiman Asyraf, UTPWrig journalist

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