SERI ISKANDAR – Recently, an event was held at Village 5 Court in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). It lasted from 15th to 16th July 2017, and was organized by Universiti Teknologi Petronas Colours of Ranggoli Night 17 (UCRN). According to the stated key goals, it aimed to create smooth friendships among the students of UTP. It was also held to raise funds for UCRN 17, which will hold many other events such as Story Telling Competition (Lower Primary), Tamil Literature Quiz (Upper Primary), Tamil Short Story (Upper and Lower Secondary), and our highlight of the day, the UCRN 17 Futsal Tournament. Not only that, this tournament proved to be the perfect medium for all department members to practice efficiency when carrying out activities, as well as to apply the skill of teamwork that leads to success. As Roopan Ravichandran, the Project Manager for the event said,  “This Futsal Tournament is a promotional medium for all of UTP to know about our events.”

Each team that participated in the tournament was required to pay RM80, and the final number of teams that registered totaled up to 11. According to Head of Department Sharmaen, preparations for the event included approvals for all documents and bookings, as well as the acquisition of miscellaneous stuff such as the medals, food and beverages, with the latter being provided free of charge.

After an intense two-day battle that showcased the remarkable skills of all teams, the results for the UCRN Futsal Champion are as stated:


  • Captain – Havinder Singh
  • Lionel
  • Miguel
  • Fransicco
  • Bob Gama Salino
  • Wan Muhd Rafiq
  • Mohd Zulhafiz


  • Captain – Shashidharaan
  • Roopan
  • Thevin
  • Manoj
  • Calvin
  • Maksat
  • Meresh
  • Suthan


  • Captain – Sharmaen
  • Syathish Permal
  • Sakthi Saaran
  • Dehvakumaran
  • Jonathan Raj
  • Sathiyaseelan
  • Prakash Adaikalavan

Aside from medals, there were also cash prizes involved. The champion team won RM400, while the first runner-up took away RM250, and RM80 was given to the second runner-up. When asked about the secret to their success, captain Havinder Singh of Amigos FC stated simply that there was no secret. “We were good in our own way. That made our team won. As winners, I just feel normal and also happy because there was no training needed for each of us, since we are in our final year and I felt it will be great if we could make one team. We last played together around 8 month ago for the UTP Futsal.”

So what’s next for UCRN? Well, one of the committee members has promised us that there will be another futsal tournament next semester. “I hope more students support and participate to make this next event a successful one,” the Project Manager shared. “We also hope for more support from UTP to organize more events such as these.”

Overall, the audience of the tournament gave good feedback, and expressed their desire for more similar sports-related competitions to be held in UTP. They felt that this tournament was an excellent platform for players to challenge themselves. Attached below are some photos from the event (credit to UCRN 17):




That’s all from UCRN – for now. We hope to see more events organized by them in the future!



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