An interview with the Youth Prodigy, Yuhajaran Baskaran


Yuharajan Baskaran, a 20-year old Petroleum Engineering student from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) will be representing Malaysia to the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF). This prestigious event will be held at Imperial College of London from 26 July 2017 to 9 August 2017. Each year, 475 students aged between 16 to 21 years old from over 70 countries will attend the forum.

UTPWrig had the opportunity to interview Yuharajan and ask him about how he became involved with this event. He told us that he came across LIYSF while he was surfing the Internet during his free time. Since his school days, he has always been keen on scientists’ programmes and many a times had indulged himself in any science-related events that he came across. In 2012, he was the winner of the 8th placement of the World Robot Olympiad.  Then in 2015, he was an award recipient for “Raagavi Sathanaiyalar”, organized by THR Raaga. He was also interviewed by Astro Vaanavil‘s 360 Degree programme. Not only that, he has participated in several competitions such as the National Robotics Competition, Young Malaysian Inventor, Dumex National Championship, National Chemistry Quiz Competition and ASEAN Quiz Competition.

When asked about his feelings regarding the 2-weeks long forum in London, he claims to be beyond ecstatic. Yuharajan will be embarking on a world-class programme of lectures, with access to research centres, laboratories and leading education institutions. He feels satisfied for going beyond his capabilities and is immensely proud to represent Malaysia there. He hopes to learn about the different cultures of the participants from various sides of the world. He also hopes to broaden his scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as develop friendships with participants from all over the world.

Besides that, Yuharajan also shared about one of his life goals, which is to inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles. This is the first science forum that he is attending and he is greatly excited at the prospect to explore this world of sciences. As fellow students, we wish him all the best and am sure that he will make Malaysia proud.


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