The Taste of Your Love

Ah…the feeling of your embrace,
As you held me closer,
The drumming of your heart,
Matching with mines.

That sweet scent of yours,
I keep craving for it,
As I run my hand through your hair,
You scream perfection everywhere.

The giggles of yours,
Brings joy to my ears,
That smile…
Keeps tugging the strings in my heart.

Kissing your lips,
Leaving lovebites everywhere as I go,
Heard you tried hiding your moans,
As I marked you mines.

The sounds you were making,
Your flushed skin,
I can’t help holding back anymore,
I let my instincts take over.

Moving closer to your neck,
Teasing you with my hands,
As I bite down your neck,
I could hear your scream to this day.

Blood spilled out from you,
A fountain of blood…your blood,
The warm blood splashing over my face,
The taste of your soft flesh in my jaws.

I couldn’t help myself,
I was relishing in the moment,
Nostrils filled with your scent,
My claws and jaws caked in bits of you.

What a perfect meal from a perfect body,
I shuddered thinking,
If such ecstasy can be enjoyed again,
As I lick the blood off my claws,

“On to the next prey”


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