Part 1 – Surviving UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas): Basic Introduction to our University Life


Feeling jumpy over starting the next stage of your life?

First thing first, I must confess that the title of this article is a tad misleading, as I should clarify the fact that you don’t need much to survive here in UTP. So this article will cover the basics, with further elaboration in the next few articles.


Basic Necessities: What to bring to UTP?

Well, it is fairly common to stare at your luggage bag, sweating over the dilemma of bringing far too many clothing and far too few food stuffs, so have no worries, I’ll guide you in this article.

The things you bring here actually depends on your lifestyle, but it would all boil down to the following items.

Food Stuffs:

  • Bring cookies, packet drinks or those powder-in-packets drinks (that you can boil).
    • If you’re one of those healthy people who don’t skip breakfast.
  • Coffee would be great for one of those days you decided that late-night studying is a great idea.
  • Instant Ramen
    • The favoured food for us who are perpetually broke and are too lazy to walk to the cafes which are literally metres away from our room.
  • You could always buy bread at the marts or the cafes, so there’s no need to bring them.
    • And of course by the time you get to eat them, the bread will already be greener than the Hulk.
  • Snacks
    • For the people who fight against the regime of dieting.
    • And of course for the people who are hungry at 3am and the cafes are closed.
    • Very useful to bribe your friends too, just in case you messed up your part of the group assignment.
      • Highly unrecommended, I never tried it out myself before.


  • Formal clothing
    • You will need it for the first day of orientation week (well if the tradition is still alive), presentations, and other formal events.
    • Bring at least 1 white formal clothing, it’s for orientation week, and possibly for certain CoQs.
    • Of course, you could always bring more formal clothes, but it is not necessary. My personal recommendation is to bring at least 2.
    • Slacks are necessary too, along with the formal shirts.
    • For the females, I would recommend bringing at least one baju melayu.
  • Casual
    • It’s really up to yourself, you can bring as many as you want, but remember, transporting them will not be easy if you bring too many of them.
  • ETC
    • Bring a jacket too, since, in certain halls and rooms, things tend to get rather chilly.
    • Raincoat is highly recommended for cyclists.
      • You wouldn’t want to get yourself soaked whilst cycling to and fro from classes.


Things you need for a normal life, and personal hygiene

Well, if you prefer having a conducive place for sleeping, you gotta bring:

  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Bedsheets and pillowsheets
  • Any extra pillows or stuffed dolls you wanna bring, we won’t judge you.
    • Well except for you roommate, but fret not, he/she will be either your closest friend, or a wall that talks from time to time.

Other things, of course, would include:

  • Soap, shampoo, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, you name it, you need to have it.
  • Sponge or whatnot and some cleaning agent to clean the dishes.
  • Detergent for the laundries.
    • People around would actually hang around with you if you don’t stink like a 3-year-old bread.
  • Hangers and clips.
  • Pails
    • The amount is up to you, one would normally utilise one, with a maximum 2.
  • Some clothes you need to use to wipe and clean stuffs.
  • Plastic bags
    • For you to throw away your junks, if you are too lazy to walk outside of the room.
  • Medicine
    • Just in case if you are sickness-prone, but again, there’s a clinic at Pocket C, so you don’t need to bring a bag worth of medicines.
  • Old 50 cents shillings
    • I would want to stress the importance of old 50 cents shillings. Again, old shillings.
    • These small buggers are useful, if you live at V2.
  • Personal hygiene
    • Makeup, brush, combs, etc
    • There is no need for a mirror, every room has at least 2 of them, attached to your own cabinet UTP provided you.



IF you are a foundation student, you don’t really need them.

You can always get your notes from your lecturers, through Ulearn.

However, if you insist on getting an extra source of reading material, there are always your seniors, and the marvel of UTP, aka IRC (Information Resource Centre).

Campus Facilities

Well, the first thing you need to about UTP’s campus is that there are 6 villages, an external residential block (exclusively for male students) at Seri Iskandar Business Centre (SIBC). I’ll be getting to the specifics in the next article, but I’ll explain the general things you need to know bout them.

(You will live inside of UTP, there’s no need to rent rooms or whatnot outside of UTP)

In all villages, there are

  • Water dispensers at the ground floor.
    • There are 2 sorts of water dispensers:
      • One where you gotta pay for the water.
      • The other is free, where you can get hot, warm or cold water.
    • They are at most if not all blocks in the villages.
  • Cafes
    • Most of the cafes have up from 2 to 3 different shops.
    • Most of them will close on alternating weekends.
    • The prices are reasonable enough, as long as the food you take is reasonable enough.
  • Washing machines
    • V2 uses shillings, while others normal paper notes.

In some villages, they have

  • Marts
    • Selling the basic items you need.
      • Ranging from eggs, soft drinks, ice-creams.
    • Factually, V5 mart sells the most items, and they also provide more services, inclusive of photocopying and binding services.
  • Common Rooms
    • A place where you can study with your pals of the same gender.
      • Gotta emphasise on the same gender, UTP security has recently begun to enforce the rule here in UTP.
    • You got them for each and every block of every village.
    • In fact, at V6, there is a common room on each floor of each block.
  • Kitchen/Pantry (or that’s what we call them)
    • That includes a sink, a fridge, and other kitchen furniture such as cabinets and in some cases, dining table. It should be noted that the size and perks of the pantry differs from block to block. For instance, the houses in village 5 have the largest pantry; they have dining tables and chairs, long counters and a sink, whereas the houses in village 3 sport a smaller pantry with no dining chairs nor tables.

However, V1 and V2 (Abbreviation of Village 1 and Village 2 respectively) do not have their own common rooms nor mart. Fret not, however, since these facilities are not that far away anyways.


Attires and Clothing

Oh this is one of the many popular inquiries I have encountered over here at UTP, so, let’s get to it.

There have been rumours of the need to wear formal shirts to lectures and all that, which are partially true. The naming varies differently, but the gist is there. The names are self-explanatory, but let me get to that, just in case.

What the UTP management do is to divide attires into 3 categories, namely:

  • Smart (Not necessary for daily clothing)
    • Smart attires mean one have to wear formal clothing, slacks belt, formal shoes, and most probably ties. Thankfully, blazers or jackets are not necessary, except in the cases of presentation.
    • Wear it for:
      • There is absolutely no need to wear it every time you go for lectures.
      • Except if you are a fashion hippy and looking to use your attire to compensate other features of your appearances
  • Smart Casual (more common that Smart attires)
    • Smart casual is a mix of smart attires with spices of casual style into it.
    • Basically, it includes:
      • collared t-shirt,
      • Slack and belt
      • Sneakers (basically shoes that cover your feet)
      • Wear it for:
        • Exams
        • Anywhere near Chancellor Complex, Pocket C and Pocket D.
      • Anywhere that requires some formality, e.g. UTP events, performances.
  • Casual (Wear it anywhere around the campus and also to lectures)
    • Anything that makes sense within the boundaries of sanity.
    • That includes:
      • T-shirts (both collared and non-collared is tolerated)
      • Jeans
      • Sneakers (To lectures)
      • Sandals (Around “Villages”)
    • Wear it for:
      • Lectures
      • Your daily routine

So here is the spectrum I have covered for this article, if you are interested to know more, go and check out my next article, which will be on Orientation Week, Important Landmarks in UTP, and as well the 6 villages.

May fortune favour the newcomers, may the ground they stand be firm, to take on the world, with a grin on their face.




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