Born into the depths of murk

it writhed and sprawled down below

in the churning depths

of solid, lone, lone, darkness;

a muddy aquamarine blue tinged with

flickering shadows – whittling past

as if to mock the void in which it floated

aimlessly, despairingly, loathingly….longingly;

the pulsing, unforgiving, stifling, choking pressure that

embraces it clung and pulled its flailing fins as it painfully,

desperately tries to thrust itself upwards

to that shimmering light, swaying as daintily as a spiders’ web

far, far, up above – freedom, salvation, air –

the depths wailed in anguish as the deep sea waves continue to rush

in an invisible, unending vortex, calling for death, calling for death –

with one last struggle, as if its broken fins were about to break entirely,

ripping itself off of its flesh, it plunged free from the murks’ clutches –


it soared upwards, up, up – the light – a hope – still flickering –

as if strengthened by the change of the waters’ temper,

it swam evermore, ever faster, till at once, it propelled beyond that flickering web,

and opened its eyes wide, to swallow the calming blue, bright, kindness of the sky

it was as if it froze in mid-air, captivated by its freedom – then again all at once,

a deafening pain – POP – its eyes burst from within its sockets, blinded by the sudden bright white light –

it screamed silently as blood, passionate, rose red – trickled down its overturned belly –

and, as fast as it had broke free of the water, it tumbled back down, crashing into the anticipating waters

down it went – pushed by the breaking waves

down it went – shoved by the currents

down it went – pulled by its weight

further down, further down…the sea, along with its creatures, pushed it down,

further down, further down….

back to where it came

with its heart slowing with despair,

the murk flicked its tentacles – unforgiving, unforgiving –

wrapped it, trapped it, suffocated it

and within seconds, before it knew it

it has already returned to the unrelenting depths

the muddy aquamarine darkness

back to death…back to death.


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