The Royal Chaffeur

Somewhere over the rainbow,
along the seaside,
he sat swinging on the cradle,
while embracing the beauty of nature.

His life will change entirely tonight,
and the worlds seem to be delighted,
as the sea song of the waves soothe him,
knowing that he will be crowned soon.

His strapping body looks dashing and brawn,
fits perfectly in the astounding royal suit,
symbolises the power of the country,
and the dreams of the world’s angels.

The stunning royal limousine stops at the foyer,
in the implausible and magnificent palace,
all eyes strike towards the all-beauties’-dreams,
as he steps down from the super elegant royal carriage.

He is now all prepared and ready to serve,
as he discreetly opens the door,
and says “Long live your Majesty”,
the king rejoinder with a graceful smile.

The man now comes back to the seat,
feels jubilant to serve the king,
going back to the serene seaside,
where he starts to dream.


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