That Broken Riddle (?)

cracked windows, broken panes, wooden doors on wooden frames,

darkened sky and blurred shadows

can you hear those horrendous bellows


shattered glass, crooked wings, bent beak and flattened spoon

murky depths and dreams of gore

death, life and death galore


swollen, reddened eyes rolled up, out of sight, lost in mind

death! harken! shut out that light

I want to see you dance in fright


dented floors and scrunched-up paper, false beauty – all in tatters

Higher, higher – lift it higher!

Lift those cadavers way up higher!


Ah, the burn, the choking smell,

the soot, the smog, the sickening fog

See those cadavers? Ha ha ha! See them hopping mad like frogs!


your world’s on fire, my world’s on fire –

– Why hello there,  little good sire,

This riddle is for you to decipher!



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