From Here To The Moon And Back

A childish giggle makes its way to her ears. She smiles, putting down the milk bottle and turning around. He smiles back, eyes baby blue, small mouth opened in a big grin, pudgy fingers outstretched, clenching and unclenching.

She picks him up, and begins to sing.

I could hold out my arms and say “I love you this much”
I could tell you how long, I will long for your touch
How much and how far, would I go to prove
The depth and the breadth of my love for you

The world must look so small from his eyes, she muses, as she watches him from the porch. She’d padded him up in his thickest clothes, mittens on fingers and tiny purple sneakers on his feet. The sneakers are adorable; she picked them up last week in Parkson and they’re no bigger than her palm.

He’s chasing clumsily after a butterfly when suddenly he stumbles, a small pebble probably the cause, and with a thud! he’s on his behind. His eyes widen into round circles, a look of complete surprise and dismay on his face, even as the corner of his lips begin to turn downwards. Before the first sob escapes she’s already on her feet, rushing to his side.

“Ssssh,” she whispers, rocking him gently, “Mummy’s here. . . ” And she begins to sing.

From here to the moon and back
Who else in this world will love you like that?
Love everlasting I promise you that
From here to the moon and back
From here to the moon and back

He’s refusing to eat his vegetables as usual. She sits down next to him, frowning. This is a hurdle she will have to face, sooner or later. Holding the blue plastic spoon she tries the airplane trick.

“Rawr rawr . . . whoooosh . . . !” Success! The spoon is in his mouth! She begins to beam, but just as it looks like victory is imminent, he crinkles his eyebrow together and out comes a green glob of squashed fiber, right onto his Thomas the Train baby neck napkin.

He looks up at her, eyes wide and innocent, even as his lips part slightly and closes, a tiny trail of drool going down one side of his chubby cheeks.

She can’t help laughing, and lifts him out of his tall chair, rubbing their noses together. He giggles, a happy little sound, and as she gently spins him around above her head she sings.

I want you to know you can always depend
On promises made and love without end
No need to wonder how faithful I’ll be
Now and on into eternity

He’s climbing everywhere now, and he’s getting faster. She dreads the day he learns to walk, and yet at the same time hopes for it too. The nursery room is littered everywhere, simply everywhere, with toys, mostly from friends and family and relatives. There are books too, but of course he hasn’t learn to read yet; their value to him will come much later in life. He likes the dominoes the best, and whenever she sets them up for him he insists on knocking them down, and when they do he chortles with laughter, so much until his plump, tubby body vibrates all over and he falls backward with a thump.

She loves his laugh.

And he loves her voice, every time she sings him to sleep.

From here to the moon and back
Who else in this world will love you like that?
Forever and always I’ll be where you’re at
From here to the moon and back
From here to the moon and back

A sharp noise cut through the night and she jerked awake. The room was dark, dimly lit, the only source of light coming from her opened laptop in front of her. She looked around, momentarily startled and confused, before her eyes fell on the alarm clock beside her purse.

She pressed the button on top and once again, the nursery room was silent.

She shook her head, tired. Rubbing her eyes she stifled a yawn and looked back to her computer.

She remembered now. She was on eBay, selling some things, and must have dozed off without realizing it. Where did she left off? she wondered. Ah yes.

Please describe your items. 

She thought for awhile.

The room was quiet.

And then she typed.

For sale : baby items, never used.


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