Twilight – Light side.

Time passed by, and evening arrived.

The sky became dimly-lit;

slowly becoming dimmer by the minute

as the sun wandered off

to a place beyond the horizon.



As the sun went on, it left a ray of light

that shone brilliantly across the dimming sky.

It felt almost like it was implying:

Do not fear

for there’s still a ray of hope;

over time, I will come back

and we shall meet again

in a place distant yet near;

a place called ‘Tomorrow’.


Twilight – Dark side.

As the sun went down,

darkness fell;

shrouding the valleys in shadows;

instating Fear

in the hearts of many;

For beyond the shadows,

looms the presence of the Unknown.



Up went the moon

along with the stars

shining brightly amidst darkness

Lighting up the night sky

cheerfully implying;

That it’s still a long way from dawn.


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