A Solitary Life

The leader is bold – he is a pleasure to behold

He is the legend of which the legends foretold

His words are vibrant, coloured with tenacity

They hang on to his confidence, enchanted by his veracity


His speeches – what beautiful things!

When they are with him, they could have sworn they saw wings

Always grinning, casually laughing

He’s the one to solve it all –  to him, problems are nothing


To him they seek, for all that is right

His strength, they eat, he is their delight

His unwavering spirit, it is contagious

His endless stamina – it is simply outrageous!


They look to his vision, his mission, his answers

They ogle at his smartness, his wit,  his perfect manners

He is their lead, their strength, their pride

They even marvel at his marvelous strides


He is always with them, from dawn to the dusk

Never fatigued, enwreathed in sweet musk

Even when they have gone, and he is left to his own devise

They never thought for a second, that he was descending into his own self-crafted demise


For none has ever seen the leader weep

In his lone chair, when he tries to sleep

Nor his back, the way it ached

Nor his grins, how they were faked


None knew of his troubled nights

Nor did they notice his listless eyes

How he frowned, contemplated, and pondered in frustration!

How he cried, sobbed, and lamented – as if he were born a damnation


To whom should he speak, of his fatigue, of his hardship?

Who could he trust, in love and in friendship?

No…the leader should only walk that one, lonely path

Where none dare tread, not even on his behalf


The duties are his, and his alone

So are the faults – they are his, and his to bemoan

They never asked of his own thoughts

Nor did they wonder if they were tied in knots


They fret and mourn,

they gripe and groan,

in loyalty they are torn,

and in the promises that they’ve sworn


The leader, as strong as he may be

could only witness their discontent in self-pity

I need to make them happy, thought he

Even if he himself was to deteriorate into nothing but shameless scree


No, the leader is not meant to speak of his woes

Nor should he display a fit when his worries overflow

Neither is he allowed to exhibit his ailment

No, his weakness should not be made into a statement


The leader must be firm, the leader must be able!

The leader must be courageous, he should be unmistakable!

He must not be moved by emotion, always eyeing the notion

The burden of his position leaves him no option


Should the leader be hollow?

Of course, he should not feel any sorrow

Indeed, the leader, the selfless person that is he

Must only feel for his people – he is the leader that they see


The one that points, and be pointed at

The one that demands, and be secretly laughed at

The one that stands, when all else fails

The one that should listen when everybody wails


No..the leader’s world is nothing but desolate

He should never ask, even when he’s desperate

Indeed..he is destined to be alone – in strength and in strife

The leader was born to live a solitary life.


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