Radiate Your Light

By Unclaimed

This is rather odd, myself writing a story. I am not very used to such menial tasks, but with time, I would come to love it. So how does one begin this specific story? “Radiate Your Light” – a bizarre expression, even in this era. However, I shall try my best to make what I can of it.

Radiation. It is the form in which energy is transferred inside a vacuum. Not limited to light, but even heat and waves can travel in forms of radiation. But that is not what radiate means in this context; rather the contrary to scientific notations, radiating in this sense would ideally mean to shine. However, linguistically, I would like to believe that it means to spread, to disseminate, to share.

Why is this very important? Why, of course, because there are a multitude of quotes such as “Sharing is caring.”, and other stereotypical and mundane phrases. But what I like to believe is that when you share with someone, you do not simply give that someone an object, or a feeling or a piece of information. When someone chooses to share, it is not a mere form of I-give-you-this-and-you-give-me-that. No, that is completely wrong. Sharing is a form of trust. It is this unbreakable bond, this tightly knit knot that gives so much meaning between two human personalities, allowing the two to surpass all forms of discrimination between two people. It is simply beautiful. Grace’s own physical, emotional, mental shape. Which is why, my friends, that in this context, radiation is something precious, something to be cherished. Because what it veritably creates is a form of love, brotherhood and unity between people. When we radiate, we automatically prompt those to whom we radiate to do the same; it breaks the barriers, destroys the boundaries and obliterates the limits to human love. By radiating, you are making a little boy, who has just been bullied, smile. By radiating, you are making a college student, whose work is mountains upon mountains, feel a little bit better about himself. By radiating, you are, yourself, the person who has been through things no one else has been through, becoming more appreciative and humble.

Light. Now how can we describe light? In a literal context, light would be wavelengths of around 400 to 700 nanometers. That would be straightforward and very precise – no room for digression. Contrariwise, the more elegant explanation of light in the linguistic context is far more radiative. So, allow me to radiate to you, oh reader, about what I believe is meant by “light”.

Light is the precursor to all things. In the essence of creation, Light worked together with its twin, Water, to create Life. Now, don’t be confused. Light’s opposite is Darkness, and that means the absence of Light; he comes out only when Light isn’t there. Darkness fears Light as a mouse does a snake. However, Darkness is as powerful as Light, sometimes even more. When Light fails to penetrate our hearts, Darkness often takes over. In fact, he doesn’t often take over; he always takes over. That is why there are millions of people in the world whose hearts are filled with pain and grief and strife and when they look at themselves in the mirror, they are reflected the image of a pitiful form of life whose only duty on Earth is…whatever? They don’t even know their own true purpose. Darkness has shrouded their purpose in darkness, creating a barrier between them and their purpose. They cannot find their existential reason to be here.

But Light created Life with Water, and Life is a gift to us. How can we, as human, as part of life, allow ourselves to be shrouded in Darkness? This is impossible, this is unacceptable. We do not take Life for granted. We do not take Water for granted. We do not take Light for granted, for Light – Light is hope. Light is passion, love, hate, sadness, even the little longing for that girl you met in class and had a little chat with and have developed small feelings for. Light is colour, bursting in strokes of blue and grey and violet and pink, a Hindu festival filled with colours of fire and the azure of the sky and the sapphire of the sea, the emerald of the grass, even the smoky quartz of a wooden cottage door. Light is beauty, the entrancing moon in the night, the sunrise in the morning and the setting of the dusk that creates a feeling of melancholy every single time it goes away. Light is in every single moment where happiness exists; the little baby girl whose mother suffered for many hours trying to push out her womb is a symbol of happiness and the mother smiles because she knows that her Light is there. She knows that no matter how hard it was, how painful it was and how excruciating her body felt with the sharp spears of pain striking her chest and head and legs and arms – no matter what, it is the Light at the end that matters. That little baby girl that now rests in her arms is worth walking on hot coals for. Because of that, she smiles. That is Light. Light means your struggles, your achievements, who you love, who you hate, and who you want to be. In all essence, in all optimism, Light is your true self.

Oh, reader, do not be ashamed of yourself. Do not be afraid to show your true Light. Do not let the Darkness take over for it would mean that you would allow your body to become a host for the absence of yourself. Share, radiate, be with the ones you love, be yourself. When you want to cry, go ahead, cry. Every single tear is a waterfall. When you want to smile, go and smile! Even with however many missing teeth you have, your smile is a word of gratitude to the ones who truly see you as a friend. Lastly, when you feel that all hope is lost, all colour is drained from the world, all emotion is shattered into broken mirrors and you are struggling to find yourself amongst the shards, just remember – your Light is within you and it wants to be free.

My friends, family, those who I trust, those who I don’t, those who I believe will be able to create the most beautiful poetry by simply turning a frown into a grin, please, I beg you, radiate your Light.


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