Image and Identity

Have you seen it?
The shapeshifter among us,
Always changing its figure,
Switching from one to another,
But never showing its own.

Surely you have seen it,
Mimicking person after person,
Greedy of gifts and talents of others,
Dressed in skin, layers after layers,
Covering nothing but the hollow shell of a pretender.

Have you seen him?
The jester at the court,
Concealed behind masks of colors,
No doubt the attention of the crowd,
But many wonder what hides beneath the shroud?

Surely you have seen him,
Bringing laughter and happiness to all,
Entertainment to men, women, children alike,
Not welcomed is the man behind the disguise,
Only the clown with humorous talents are worthy of their eyes.

Have you seen him?
The blacksmith in town,
Strong and brave as any man should be,
All eyes see the symbol of masculinity,
None see the struggling soul driven into insanity.

No one has seen him,
Beyond the deepest reaches of his heart,
Far from the expectations of a fearless, uncrying man,
Emotions boiling over, beckoning him to shed a tear,
Held back by the fear of being shamed by others.

The shapeshifter,
Empty in identity,
Eyes looking for power but blind of self worth.
The jester,
Masked by talent,
Only appreciated for benefits and contributions.
The blacksmith,
Forced to be ever strong and fearless,
Emotion and expression imprisoned by public perception.



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