‘Grandma, what -‘

Her sentence was forced to a sudden halt as the 86-year old  thrust the sawing knife through her head. The squelch of metal burying and diving into aged flesh, the spurting of blood, the sickening thud of a body which had just lost its soul, and the eerie, deathly maroon liquid that began to glide and glisten upon the tiled floors.

Sickening, grotesque, gut-wrenching.

‘Wh-what – Her eyes inflated like a helium balloon – struggling to comprehend what’s happening in this morphed, twisted version of reality. And, above it all – a loud, banging noise that has seemed to take over her ears!

Turn the volume down, turn it down  – turn it down! Multitudes of sounds, beats and rhythms cascaded upon her like thousands of stupidly placed waterfalls, all hundreds of thousands of gallons of gravity-pulled water simultaneously beating into the soft rock that were her eardrums.

‘Shi-‘ – overwhelmed, she ran out of the dark house. It was her house – but an alternate version of it. As if some psychologically-distressed director has just taken her home on the 35th street, cut it out, and pasted it into a nightmare, plunging her world into an unknown shade of grey mixed with mustard yellow and maroon- there’s so much of it – everywhere – a muddled grey-green, blue-black, dark purple tinted with brown-maroon shades – tainted colours smeared into a nauseous blur that seemed to follow her stride for stride.

But the noise! it’s as loud as ever! She’s not in control of the sounds – It’s supposed to turn down when she wished for it. She knew where she was – this reality – the bass, the drumbeats thumped and bumped, drummed continuously, out of synch and out of psyche. It punched her membrane, throwing her axioms into disarray – forcing her body to move at irregular paces. The guitar riffs shrieked, and the choir – a gnarled legion chanting a conglomeration of hymns of death.

She kept running as the beats continued to thump, the chants – all at the same, consistent, volume – and there – finally, in the near-distance – a light!

Her salvation, her freedom, her way out of this reality – nearer now, faster now, swiftly now – jump!!


The dim lights filled her darkened vision.She squinted herself awake, and blinked away the remains of her fatigue. Strangely enough, the noise was still there. Although now, it’s less messed up, and clearer – much, much clearer. Shuffling up against the wall, she finally noticed the source of the nightmarish cacophony, the turbulence that rocked her disturbed conscience: her bright pink earphones – connected straight into her phone, snaking itself up, up – and into her ears.



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