Value Your Life

Accidents often happen around us, whether we realize it or not. It occurs without a warning, without an early notice and the next thing we know someone is hospitalized or worse, died. Life is not an item that can be bought from a side shop. The gift of life is immeasurable in the value of money. No one can bring life back to the dead, not even a trillionaire. In fact, with the short time that we have in this world, why don’t we think on how to make our life more meaningful?

As a university student, we are preparing ourselves before we face the real world outside. We should be moulding ourselves, especially in the moral aspect, to become the best version of ourselves. The society needs the help of youngsters like us to help in creating a harmonious environment. In UTP, there are many platforms which exist with the objective to serve the society. Helping others and benefitting society really means that we are not wasting our life or our young age by doing futile things. Feeding the homeless, organizing fundraising for charity purposes, and visiting the orphanage; these are some of the methods that we can use to help the society to ease the burden of the needy.

Next, we should spend more time with loved ones, our family. The precious time we have with them should be used to strengthen the family bond, share experiences, exchanging stories, have a good conversation with parents and other activities that are worth the quality time. Nowadays, our generation tends to spend more time with their phones, laptops, and other gadgets. Even when the family is gathering for a dinner, the family members are busy with their smartphone. They prefer to look at a screen than the faces of their family members. We should change this kind of attitude and live our lives with less technology and more humans, especially our family members.

To have a good life we need to ensure that we are able to enjoy the moments that we experience day by day. We need to live a healthy lifestyle to ensure our daily life is smooth and efficient. Be grateful with our life by giving our best to stay in shape. We can do so by taking a balanced diet and doing exercise regularly. A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind, so by being fit, we can also enhance our mind and the learning process might become easier.

In conclusion, our lives are precious and we need to live life in the best possible way. A research was done in a hospital where they asked the old patients what are the things that they regret the most? They said they regret the things they didn’t do instead of the things that they did do. Value your life by appreciating the things that you have and do your best to conserve it.


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