Along the Edge

Tip-toeing along the edge of sight,

observing, staring, glaring – almost snarling

at the girl in white


smiling, giggling, frolicking

the manifestation of happiness – a mundane thing

so mundane, oh –  how disgusting


tip-toeing in the shadows of night,

whispering, tugging, nibbling –

are you not tired of that light


deceit! fakery! fraud!

a scam – an artifice –

a result of false applaud


the beating of heart, those blushes of red

the extended smile, the twinkling eyes

oh those,  oh those! I hate


Embrace the case,

accept the fact

those are all lies, all lies – they are your disgrace!


Protect you I will,

with this void of mine –

a safe place, no one can find


The hollow, the unwavering, the stagnant,

the unmoving, blank and desolate emptiness –

it is safe to be far, it is safe to be distant


play with her, if you will,

stand behind her during the day, frolic, dance

Cloak yourself in her radiance…let them have their fill


and when the world has quietened

and the stage has darkened

you will return to me, disheartened.


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