Anxiety of the Ambitious

On the silty soil of the seemingly endless expanse of land,
Lay the countless seeds of countless breeds and brands.
Nurtured with the same rain and rays of sunshine,
All strive with the dreams of giants in mind.

One seed among others inching to reach high,
Seeks to stretch its stalk to the valley of clouds in the sky.
This seed, anxious and eager, with eyes filled with fury,
This is the ambitious, the anxious, the extraordinary.

Season after season, spring after spring,
The ambitious seed grows strong, surpassing his siblings.
Where others blandly stagnant in their days of indulgence,
He fuels his roots with the waters of his burning ambition.

Of the lush green engulfing the once barren space of potential,
Grow the feeble plots of shrubs among the towering trees of the jungle,
The once ambitious seed, now a mighty pillar of admiration and envy,
Taller than most, but unsatisfied, unhappy.

The ambitious tree grows day by day, but very slowly,
Not of its stalk, but of anxiety and worry,
He looks towards the blue sky he dreams to conquer,
And envies his taller, powerful, gifted brothers.

He strives hard, desperate to compete,
But as high as he goes, the victors leave him nothing but defeat,
The waters of ambition turn into fountains of grief,
Once gentle lush patches of green evolve into barren blades of leaves.

Filled with hatred, anger and depression,
He blames his weakness, worthy of punishment,
The tree carves deep into its trunk and branches,
Indulging in the pain that decorates him with gashes.

Season after season, winter after winter,
The ambitious tree once mighty, now colder, much darker,
He obsesses not upon the bright blue sky or the starry nights,
But of crumbling the roots of trees of towering heights.

If the ambitious tree could not achieve his hopes and dreams,
then all shall share his pain and suffering,
He vows to lay ruin to the green veil of land,
bringing upon doom and death, destruction at hand.

For the dark ambitious tree,
Was once just a seed,
With dreams of being a tree,
But what was once hope and passion,
Turned into burning obsession,
Here lies the once mighty ambitious tree,
Another victim of ambitious anxiety.




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