Hitam The Beauty

When I was 12, my family stayed at a village. It was a traditional kampung so everyone raised animals and livestock. And then there was Hitam.

Hitam was a stray female cat. Despite its youth, it looked horrible and was covered in scars. The elders used to scare us into behaving lest we would be taken by Hitam.

Hitam was affectionate however. She would try to cuddle up to people but was always turn down because of her looks.

One day, some kids in the village toyed with her, which backfired horribly. They threw fire crackers at her and the poor cat could only cry in pain as they laughed. By the time my mum stopped them, it was too late.

Before she died, Hitam looked up at my mum and purred. Even near death, she was still as warm as she was before. She was the most beautiful creature I’ve seen.


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