He minds his business.

By Joe Mabor

In the universe lives a man, merrier and happier like a child,

For he loves to show love to all people.

He radiates, kindness, humility, integrity and nobility

Oh! How lucky is he who has no dislike for anyone?

The urge to judge and the urge to criticize never inundates him.

Although he notices polarity he shows love for foes.

For only through love does he overpass contrasts.

In changing others for better, he acts for better submerging criticism and the urge to judge

With a gigantic smile on his face, he minds his business.

Black or white, Christian or Muslim, it doesn’t matter to him.

Like the sun that shines on all, he rains on all.

Neither does anyone gets in his way nor does he stands in their ways.

The truths and secrets of life reveals to him through his heart and feelings not by conformity.

He is the man that every man should emulate because he minds his business.


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